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Nordlid - Software Architect - Head of product

Published on January 09, 2018 by

Software Architect at Nordlid


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Since many of the Norlid’s clients use Eloqua as an Email Marketing Automation platform, I was working on developing custom solutions and integrations. Most of the solutions would typically involve a specific business logic added on top of Eloqua, which would handle Contacts, Email Content or manage Assets in campaign canvas. Integrations where concerning primarily with importing Contacts and related data from different sources, and exporting data on Contact activities such as email clicks, web visits, push response etc.

As a result of many years of developing software around Eloqua, a series of products have emerged as standard packages. These SaaS type solutions where designed to be installed across instances and serve the needs of multiple clients. With my second role as a ‘Head of product’, I had a responsibility to create standard software based on the experiences from custom solutions. All the applications have been developed and hosted on AWS cloud.

Besides building software for Eloqua, I had an opportunity to develop a backend and mobile application for “Få tiden tilbage” project which took six months to complete.


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Jan 09, 2018