Rich Relevance

Published: June 05, 2018 by  Dragan Dimitrijevic

project eloqua integration

The objective of this project was to integrate Rich Relevance Customer Experience and Personalization Platform as a standard Eloqua application. The content personalization was implemented using products Recommend and Engage. The main objective was to integrate personalized content into Email Templates by using ‘Cloud Content’ drag’n’drop feature in Eloqua. This would enable marketeer to configure a cloud service so that the content can by generated dynamicaly as email get opened.

There were two types of content types that could be integrated, which are related products and content promotion.


Recommend content was handled in such way that the markeeter could search for a specific product (or category) in the user interfrace, while pulling data from the CDO in the Eloqua. The layout for the visual presentation are also placed in Eloqua select drop downs. This allows a marketeer to configure elements in the Eloqua instance and then used them in the Rich Relevance integration in order to construct necessary parameters which are used during the Email rendering.


Engage content is handled and configured in the similar way, it is slightly simpler to work with since it shows advertisement, banners and similar content.


Nodejs Angular serverless
Lambda RDS S3 VPC API Gateway CloudFront